Frequently asked questions
Do I need a phone number for GrandTime?

No, but you need a stable and reliable data connection.


What if I don’t have WiFi at home?

You can use any type of data connection in addition to WiFi – 3G, 4G.


What kind of device do I need?

You can use any android smart device with a touch screen. We recommend using not the cheapest as they usually have poor cameras, microphones and might not be as responsive to touch as you’d like.


But I have an apple device.

GrandTime is available for Android at the moment. We are working on it to launch it for iOS users as well!

Who has to pay for the account?

You can register an account for a family member for free. One of the family members has to use their account to set up the device for the older person. Once a device for an older person has been activated, that account owner has to pay for it.


Do I need a credit card for registering an account?

No, you can register your account without a credit card.


Do I need to configure GrandTime after installing?

You have to register an account with your e-mail address. Then you have to create account for your older adult who will use the application through your own account. Then you have to choose a role for the device the older person will use – either older person or family. You can change the role in the application at any time.


How do I “unlock” the older person's device to access the device?

Tap 6 times on the screen. Then the app will ask you to choose a role for the device again - choose “a family member”. You can then use the device as a regular smartphone or a tablet. 

You can change the role again from the settings and choosing “change the role for this device”.


Can I or the older person make video calls to anyone?

You can make video calls to the older person. They can make video calls only to the contacts in his/her app – family members and friends. Likewise, no-one can receive calls or messages from strangers.


How many family members can be connected with the older person’s account?

You can have up to 6 family members or friends in the contact list of the older person.

You can choose who can call the older person or vice versa even after adding the family members to the contact list.

How can I invite/add family members to the older person’s contact list?

You can do it from the family member's account who set up the older person's device. Click on the name of your senior in the settings menu and then "invite family members". Insert an e-mail address and click send.

If that person has an account, the name of the senior will be added automatically. If he/she does not have an account yet, one has to be created with the same e-mail address the invitation was sent to. Name of the senior will be added automatically after the account has been made.


Who else can see our calls?

Video call stream is end-to-end encrypted. This means that no-one other than people currently having a call can access the video stream. There is no recording feature on the video call.


How does the auto-answering work?

You can enable the automatic video call answering for the older person from a family member’s device or while setting the device up for the older person. This way the call from a family member is automatically answered. This is perfect for older persons who may have trouble answering calls or overall perception.


Can I turn the device screen off?

Yes, but we recommend that you leave it on instead. GrandTime is designed to be left on. The screen can be set to go into night mode to reduce ambient light. This can be done from the family members device.

If you turn off the screen, the older person has to know how to turn it back on again as well (finding the button and unlocking the screen), which might be too hard.


Doesn’t this drain the battery?

You can turn on the notifications that will let you know if the battery of the older person’s device drops below 25%. This way you can let him/her know to charge the device. Alternatively you can keep it plugged in at all times.


Who can send messages to the older person’s device?

Everyone on the contact list can send messages and choose the duration the message is displayed on the screen. 

If someone has already sent a message that is being displayed at the moment, you will be notified of the message and the time left. You can also delete that message and send a new one.

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