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Why it is important to communicate with your close ones during an isolation and an app to use for it

Updated: Aug 25

Social isolation for older people is an issue which has risen in light of COVID-19. Communication and feeling of involvement is crucial to them, even more to ones with cognitive decline.

Scientists have found that in addition to social isolation having serious impacts to mental health (increased anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease), it can even lead to problems in one’s physical health - high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, a weakened immune system, and even death. Risk of having a stroke or developing a heart disease can be even as much as 30% higher.

Social isolation can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity.

Even though we can’t do much against physical isolation right now due to Covid 19, there is no excuse for not communicating with your close ones. Thanks to modern technological solutions you can talk to your friends and family just with a couple of clicks. And you can see them during the call even from the other side of the planet!

There are many different video calling platforms. More common ones being Skype, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime and Zoom. Main problem with these apps is that you need technical proficiency that older people usually do not have. You need to know how to use a computer or a smartphone, register an account and operate the usually small and detailed user interface. Or you can have physical restrictions as well, not having enough control over your fingers to hit the right buttons on the screen.

Luckily there are many solutions that are targeting the older people and offer an answer to these exact problems. We believe that GrandTime is the best video calling platform for you and your senior relatives.

We have developed the app in collaboration with social welfare institutions and industry professionals.

Testing was done with the older people who have cognitive disorders and with their families to ensure that we have the best feedback possible.

We have removed all things that are not necessary and kept the main thing - an easy way of video calling to your loved ones. Only things you see on the screen are the date and time and your contact list. Simple layout, clear labels, large fonts and contact photos are key features to help older people navigate as easily as possible.

One of the positive results brought up after the testing was that during phone calls some testers had to identify themselves multiple times, but with a video call the older people could see who they are talking to at all times and because of that had less stress and confusion.

There is no recording feature on the video call and the stream is end-to-end encrypted. This means that no-one other than the GrandTime user can access the video stream. And because you can only call people on your contact list and only they can call you back. This way there is no chance of older people getting spam calls or frauds who are after easy money.

Studies show that people engaging in meaningful and productive activities with their friends and families tend to live longer. This gives them a sense of purpose and boosts their mood and may even improve their overall cognitive function.

Any communication with older people by whatever means is better than none at all. Today’s technological achievements let us have instant video calls with people around the world using the devices in our pockets, so why not use these devices when communicating with our close ones as well!

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